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“Quail Valley is a members club that includes Social, Tennis, Golf and Fitness facilities spanning across multiple locations. The flexibility of Trumobility’s system made our business much more efficient by properly routing calls and consolidating our locations. Before Trumobility all of our calls had to be answered by dedicated staff members and we couldn’t connect our two locations due to the inefficiencies of our old phone system . With TruMobility calls are properly routed to the appropriate department freeing up employees who were once dedicated to answering calls and we can easily transfer calls between locations. Our corporate cell phones are now a part of our phone system which make our department managers much more accessible.” Chris Gibbon, Director of Information Technology
AVIO sells and installs high end residential Audio, Video and Security services throughout the Midwest. TruMobility’s business phone lines reduced my monthly expenses by over 50%. Their nationwide cell phone service improve communication with my field service technicians and customers. I was also able to consolidate my billing and support across several locations.” Norma Matheny, Controller
“Bluedog is a provider of Business and Merchant services to Small and Medium sized businesses across the country. The phones are central to our business as we make hundreds of calls a day to prospective customers. Voice quality is paramount to our success, a poor call could me a lost revenue. We left our last hosted VoIP provider because of poor voice quality and decided to move to Trumobility based on their promise of improved call quality. Trumobility delivered as promised, since we have move to them, we rarely have any issues with voice quality.” Ron Dichter, CEO
“Ashtin Capital provides consulting services to small businesses with areas of focus around managing and reducing operating expenses. Over the years we’ve noted more and more customers moving to Hosted VoIP and we thought it was time to find a partner that could help navigate this unfamiliar terrain. We decided to give TruMobility an opportunity and they succeeded; they gave us the tools and guidance to help successfully sell and deliver Hosted VoIP to our customers. Their cellular solution enhanced our overall value and rounded out a very unique Hosted VoIP and Mobility solution.” Gayle Littleston, Principal