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Succesfully Implementing Unified Communications & Voice over IP

Below is a Whitepaper that discusses the key components to a successful VoIP and Unified Communications deployment. Implement Unified Communication

2015 – A great year for Sprint’s Network

2015 will be a banner year for Sprint’s new and improved 4G network.  According to their Chief Network Officer, Dr. John Saw, their High Speed 4G network will serve 552 markets.  They will roll-out 16 new super fast LTE markets for a total of 62 markets offering speed of up to 60Mb per second. The network improvements are starting to yield tangible results.  According to RootMetrics, Sprint’s network received 94 first-place or shared first-place awards for network reliability, call and/or text performance across the 125 major metro areas in the study. Lastly, Sprint is committed to completing their LTE 800Mhz build by the end of 2015.  This means that customers on the Sprint network […]

Transportation Case Study – A Partner Opportunity

The Customer: A TruMobility partner uncovered an opportunity with a trucking company with offices in the Midwest and Northeast. The customer owns and operates 30 semi-trucks and trailers with 18 staffed truck drivers and other administrative staff.  Efficient call flows are critical for trucking companies, their revenue relies on receiving calls from shippers and brokers, one missed call could cost the company thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Quick Facts: Multi-location trucking company 30 trucks, 18 drivers and admin staff Efficient calls flows and communications are critical for profitability The Customer Challenge Reduce the number of missed calls and better organize communications between multiple locations, customers, dispatchers and truck drivers. […]

Automotive Case Study – Any Device Architecture

Automobile Dealership Case Study The customer Auto Dealer with multiple dealerships, multiple brands across multiple cities is now driving more sales and better service with superior communications technology. With the help of TruMobility, this dealer successfully implemented a centralized Customer Care Center/Business Development Center to better support their customers. What’s more, leveraging TruMobility’s integrated Nationwide Cellular solution and hosted Any Device Architecture, they were able to connect their sales and service employees with their customers regardless of the employee’s physical location. By providing corporate cellular phones, the dealer now owns all of their phone numbers, reducing customer attrition and mitigating liability inherent in allowing personal cell phones to be used […]