Automotive Case Study – Any Device Architecture

Automobile Dealership Case Study

The customer
Auto Dealer with multiple dealerships, multiple brands across multiple cities is now driving more sales and better service with superior communications technology. With the help of TruMobility, this dealer successfully implemented a centralized Customer Care Center/Business Development Center to better support their customers. What’s more, leveraging TruMobility’s integrated Nationwide Cellular solution and hosted Any Device Architecture, they were able to connect their sales and service employees with their customers regardless of the employee’s physical location. By providing corporate cellular phones, the dealer now owns all of their phone numbers, reducing customer attrition and mitigating liability inherent in allowing personal cell phones to be used for dealership business.

Quick facts
Multi-location, multi city car dealer driving more sales and better service with superior communications.
Connect employees with customer regardless of physical location with TruMobility’s Any Device Architecture
Reduce customer attrition and reduce liability by providing Corporate Mobile phones
Gain tracking, detailed analytics and CRM integration on Mobile device

The Automobile Dealership Communications Challenge:
Phone leads are up 46% over email leads, this fact is motivating dealers to take a hard look at the way their employees manage phone leads. Multiple location dealer groups are looking for ways to increase sales, their Customer Satisfaction Index and profitability through the consolidation of communications across multiple locations and centralized CCC/BDC Centers. Further, 68% of sales calls are now mobile; the ubiquity of mobile devices is creating the expectation that employees are available anytime and anywhere. The shift away from the desk phone to the mobile phone is creating a reporting and analytic gap as Dealers lose visibility and tracking of their sales and services calls when their employees use a mobile device. Dealers are also starting to uncover the liability and risk in allowing employees to use personal cell phones to conduct dealership business.

Dealers now more than ever require a robust telecommunications solution to support multiple locations, a centralized Customer Care Center and seamless integration of multiple devices – Cell phones, traditional desk phones and cordless phones. Today, most Dealers are encumbered by silo’d premised based phone systems. These premised based phone systems are far too rigid to meet the very unique and demanding needs of an Automotive Dealership. Even the most sophisticated premise based phone systems require a high level of technical expertise, often requiring a 3rd party a vendor to make simple changes.

Quick Facts:
Phone Leads are up 46% over email leads – Dealers have a renewed interest in how Sales and Service are handling sales and service calls.
68% of sales calls are now made on mobile devices – many dealers allow employees to use the personal cell phone. Dealers are quickly realizing the risk and loss of control inherent to this practice.
Dealers require a robust and flexible solution to support central call management, consolidation of multiple locations, call monitoring and access to call tracking analytics.
Most dealers are encumbered with rigid premise based phone systems that don’t support the demanding mobile needs of today’s automobile dealerships.

TruMobility Solution
TruMobility was tasked with creating a solution using their hosted Any Device Architecture to:
Consolidate communications between multiple locations
Create a centralized Customer Care Center/Business Development Center where operators can field calls across multiple dealerships.
Provide corporate cell phones as extensions of the Hosted Phone system to replace traditional desk phones for sales personnel.
Provide analytics and CRM integration across all devices – including cell phones.
Improve call delivery to reduce missed calls, and hold times.
Lower monthly recurring telecommunications costs
Reduce the number telecom vendors to centralize responsibility.

TruMobility delivered as promised. TruMobility implemented a Customer Care call center with operators answering calls across all locations and brands for both Variable and Fixed operations. Operators can transfer and/or park calls that can be received by any department at any location from any device. Leveraging its Any Device Architecture, TruMobility was able to fit the right device for each employee based on the unique needs of their department. TruMobility adds seamless integration of any iPhone or Android device without the need to install and managed a 3rd party WiFi calling app. This seamless Mobile Integration eliminates the need to train and support 3rd party apps resulting in improved employee moral and more favorable acceptance. TruMobility was able to achieve these results without any increase in the dealership’s monthly costs and consolidated invoicing and support for Voice, Mobile and Internet services.

New and Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales
TruMobility deployed Samsung Galaxy phones with Mobile Device Management to the entire sales staff. This allows untethered freedom of movement for the sales staff to take calls anywhere. The dealer also benefits by maintinaining control over the cell phone and can report calls through CRM integration and near real time calling analytics. TruMobility created a mobile centric call flow where inbound calls for new sales will ring a Sales “Hunt group” which includes all cellular phones for that particular location. If for some reason the call isn’t answer by one of the sales employees the caller will ring the desk phone of the sales manager. If a caller is looking for a specific sales person, the operator can park the call, either text or page that sales person, and the sales person can retrieve that parked call from the cell phone anywhere in or out of the dealership.

The results were exciting, new sales calls are routinely answered in less than 3 rings. Prior to TruMobility, the operator was forced to park the call and the sales person had to find a desk phone to retrieve, often time callers would remain on hold for 45 to 90 seconds.

Service and Body
Service advisors don’t need to be accessible outside of the dealership; however they need freedom of movement throught the service “lanes”. For this reason, Service Advisors were given cordless phones. Cordless phone allow the service advisors freedom to move around the dealership without missing any calls.

Parts and Admin
These groups are generally not mobile so traditional Polycom desk phones were required. Enhanced Voicemail was used for these departments so employees received a text message when a customer leaves a voicemail.

Quick facts
Centralized Cusomer Center/Business Development call center improved inbound call management, increase service appointments and general improve dealers CSI.
Corporate Mobile devices increase answer time and reduce missed calls
Increase control, analytics and employee availability by providing corporate mobile phones
In addition to delivering this advanced communications solution TruMobility was able to reduce the dealership’s overall communications costs
Seamless integration of the mobile phones without the need to training employees on 3rd party calling apps increase adoption and employee moral

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