Transportation Case Study – A Partner Opportunity

The Customer:
A TruMobility partner uncovered an opportunity with a trucking company with offices in the Midwest and Northeast. The customer owns and operates 30 semi-trucks and trailers with 18 staffed truck drivers and other administrative staff.  Efficient call flows are critical for trucking companies, their revenue relies on receiving calls from shippers and brokers, one missed call could cost the company thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Quick Facts:

  • Multi-location trucking company
  • 30 trucks, 18 drivers and admin staff
  • Efficient calls flows and communications are critical for profitability

The Customer Challenge
Reduce the number of missed calls and better organize communications between multiple locations, customers, dispatchers and truck drivers. Initially, the customer was looking for a solution to replace a RingCentral Virtual Receptionist connected to POTS lines and key systems. The customer required a Hosted VoIP solution to replace RingCenteral and integrate two offices with inter-office dialing features. The customer also required guaranteed Quality of Service and a full Service Level Agreement. Lastly, the customer wanted to reduce their overall telecommunications expenses.

Quick Facts:

  • The customer faced a number of challenges related to their mobile communications
  • Reduce the numbers of missed calls
  • Better organize communications between multiple locations, customers, dispatchers and truck drivers
  • Replace a cobble together RingCentral and Key System solution
  • Connect multiple location with 4 digit dial, call transfer and overhead page between locations
  • Improved voice quality
  • Limited mobile calling functionality

Our Partner Responded
After uncovering the opportunity our partner, a PBX Value Added Reseller, immediately started to source the opportunity through his trusted carrier partners – including TruMobility. The partner proposed several competitive quotes and the customer eliminated all but TruMobility and one other service provider. Finally the partner set up a technical review and Q/A meeting with TruMobility and the customer to dive deeper into the customer’s needs and TruMobility’s solution.

More opportunity uncovered
During the solution review the TruMobility Sales engineer learned that the customer has 18 corporate cell phones for each of their drivers with T-Mobile. The customer was paying nearly $1500 a month for the service and he wasn’t happy with T-Mobile. The sales engineer also learned that the customer faced several challenges related to the limited functionality of the mobile phones. He expressed significant interest in adding the cell phones to the proposed Hosted Phone System.

Win for the Customer and the Partner
With the addition of the corporate cell phones, TruMobility and our valued partner increased the opportunity size by 3x.

The customer benefits from a true solution that solves all of their communication challenges. A solution that could not be duplicated by any of the competitive providers.

TruMobility Solution
TruMobility consolidated all of their calling between multiple locations with one shared published number. We replaced RingCentral virtual receptionist with a single multi-tiered Virtual Receptionist which efficiently routed calls to the appropriate departments. We replaced their aging key system with Polycom VVX 400 HD IP phones connected to our feature rich Cloud Phone System – TruVoice. And finally, we replaced their T-Mobile cell phones with GPS enabled IPhone’s for all drivers and included TruMobile Integration. TruMobile Integration seamlessly extends PBX functionality to the cell phones without the need for a cumbersome over the top Smartphone apps: the drivers don’t have to change the way they make and receive calls which improves morale. With TruMobile Integration the business owner solves a number of problems: namely the ability to control the outbound caller ID individually on each cell phone, 4 digit mobile dialing and enhanced voicemail with Mobile Voicemail to Email. These features resulted in drastically improved communication between the shipper, dispatch and drivers.

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