TruNetwork – High-Speed Wireless Connectivity

Voice Optimized Connectivity

TruNetwork – High-Speed Wireless Connectivity

Voice Optimized Connectivity

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Is your High Speed connectivity suitable for your voice communication needs?

TruNetwork was designed with voice in mind. Our network allows us to guarantee Voice Quality of service. TruMobility offers full a suite of Dedicated Internet Access products (DIA) ranging from T1, Ethernet or 4G wireless. Our network services were built around quality of Voice Services. All of our network services include Voice prioritization. This means that your voice quality will be perfect.

We employ MPLS technology to ensure that your conversation is free of voice quality issues typically found with other Hosted VoIP providers that have not invested in Quality of Service technology. TruNetwork is available nationwide with multiple carrier relationships.  TruMobility can deliver to rural locations or major metropolitan areas.

TruMobility offers a full suite of managed services for both Wireless and Wire line network access. TruMobility, delivers end-to-end communication solutions including Managed Network Services, MPLS and Wireless WAN.

TruMobility Advantange

  • Cost effective T1 or Ethernet services when paired with TruVoice
  • Full Service Level Agreement for Voice Quality, Uptime, Speed and time to repair
  • End-to-End MPLS to guarantee perfect voice quality
  • Dozens of point of presence
  • Static IP available

Ask us about our new Asymmetrical Ethernet service, up to 50M of dedicated internet starting at $150/month.

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