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TruMobility offers a bundled and integrated Hosted VoIP, Nationwide Mobile and High Speed Internet solution to Small Business customers. Our technology allows customers to “marry” mobile phones with our Hosted VoIP phone system. We are the only business-to-business carrier in the U.S. that has combined Hosted VoIP with Nationwide Mobile and an industry first Small Cell based “Private Cellular Network”.

The result is a business communications solution that substantially lowers communication costs, increases mobile productivity and eliminates coverage gaps and improves call quality in the office. More and more businesses view mobile communications as vital to the day-to-day operation of their business. More than 50 million workers are considered mobile, these mobile workers spend at least 20% of their time away from the office. Today’s mobile phones are a silo of voice communications with no integration into the corporate phone system.

With our technology the Mobile Phone becomes an extension of the corporate phone system without the need for cumbersome third-party apps or WiFi calling, our mobile integration is in the “Cloud”. The Private Cellular Network creates a “bubble” of “full bar” coverage in buildings with poor coverage, large campuses with coverage gaps or rural areas with no coverage.