Integrated mobile communications solutions


Integrated mobile communications solutions

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Are your SmartPhones connected to a dumb Network? Get TruMobile


There are roughly 11M “Road Warriors” in the workforce today. These workers use their mobile devices as their primary method of communications. Until now, these workers were required to use cellular data, 3rd party apps or 2-stage dialing to connect back to their corporate phone system. These methods are cumbersome and have proven challenging for businesses to adopt.  With TruMobile, we extend the corporate phone system to the cellular phone without having to change the way you make or receive calls, our integration is seamless to your employees.

Extend advanced PBX functionality to mobile devices located anywhere in the United States. Mobile workers can finally ditch their desk phones without losing PBX features and device management.

TruMobile was built specifically to solve the needs of business customers. TruMobile allows mobile workers access to corporate voice features and services anywhere in the United States while maintaining a consistent user experience.


  • Ditch the Desk Phone
  • “Always connected” workforce
  • On The Go – your remote employees, road warriors and offsite service staff are always in network and in the office
  • Significantly lower cost – eliminate the need for desk phones and wireline services
  • Reduce liability and gain control – don’t let your prospects walk out the door when someone leaves

TruMobility Advantage

  • Mobile Ring Groups & Virtual Numbers
  • TruMobile Integration – Seamlessly Integrate mobile devices with TruVoice Hosted VoIP
  • Mobile Analytics – Near Real-Time Reporting on Mobile
  • GPS Tracking Service available
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Outbound Caller ID Control
  • Enhanced Cellular Voicemail
  • Mobile “0 Out” to Operator or Assistant
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Find Me/Follow Me and Simulring
  • Remote Call Monitoring
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